Intel Corporation- New Blue Connect

New Blue Connect is Intel's new corporate events portal. It is the platform where company wide events are published. Executives can create events, specify invitees within the corporate structure and facilitate resources for the events. There's an HR Adminstration role to govern corporate event practices. Past events with digital assets would be stored in an archive.

Role on project: UX Product Designer | Interaction/Visual Designer | Client Engagement


Just Walk In - Mobile Employment Application

Just Walk In is a location based employment platform for the apply-in-person job market. This entirely new platform consists of a web portal and mobile applicants with full redundancy for both employers and job seekers. Interaction design documents and visual assets were created across all devices for development.

Role on project: Interaction Designer | Visual Designer | Dev Management | QA

 Google - Google One Tap, Google Sign In

Google Identity is the easiest and safest way to open accounts and authenticate onto web services. The Google Identity design team provides implementation guidence to 3rd party developers and their user experience designers. Audits of current implementations are conducted in order to resolve common challenges and drive design changes.

Role on project: Interaction Designer | UX Analyst | 3rd Party Consultant


Wells Fargo Bank - Common Credit Decision Platform

CCD is an initiative to create an experience that allows consumers to configure a credit product bundle based on their needs and credit worthiness. The end to end experience crosses multiple Wells Fargo infrastructures; targeted marketing, public marketing, product configuration, application processing/decisioning. Design activities included white boarding exercises with business lead to generate requirements, real time wireframes for screen ideas, end-to-end process flow, visual design mock-ups and final interaction specs for business consensus and development handoff. Team consists of visual designer, content strategist and UX producer.

Artifacts available upon request.

Role on project: UX Team Lead | Interaction Designer


Fantex - Athletic Brand Investment Platform

Fantex is company that buys out the future earnings of professional athletes and issues securities of such earnings to investors. The platform consists of a branded public site that explains the platform and terms of the assets and a digital trading platform. The challenges of this tenure involved rebranding the company as an investment platform while presenting the brand within regulatory compliance.

Role on project: UI Design | UX Design | UX Team Management | Dev Management | QA


Wells Fargo Bank - Public Site Optimization

Wells Fargo public site is going through a complete overhaul to update the corporate online identity. By integrating a new CMS, the site is optimized to render with consistence across devices. Each line of business collaborated with the design team to update it's content to meet current business needs. Components were designed to be reusable with variations between devices. Standards and guidelines were established to ensure uniformity.

Role on project: UX Lead | Interaction Designer | Information Architect | Vendor Management

Cisco Systems - Cisco Commerce Workspace

Cisco Commerce Workspace is the online platform used by resales partners and internal sales associates.
The CCW consist of components to Quote, Configure, Order and Install.

Role on project: UX Lead | Team Management | Vendor Management | Interaction Designer

Wells Fargo Bank - Mobile QR Bill Pay

This mobile feature allows users to capture bill pay information from QR codes on paper bills. The scanning capability is from a 3rd party software that’s integrated with WF’s native app. This enables the user to pay the specific bill, as well as capture payee information for furture payments. The challenge was to blend this new feature seamlessly into the current Bill Pay features while presenting additional data and messages that are required.

Role on project: UX Lead | Interaction Designer | Vendor Management

Bistro Exchange

Bistro Exchange is a classified marketplace for the hospitality industry; the largest employment sector in the United State. Designed to work across devices, it supports content for jobs, equipments for sale, businesses for sale and services. Working from the ground up, this project included corporate identity, visual design, interaction design and developer management.

Role on project: Product Designer | Interaction Designer | Visual Designer | Vendor Mangement

Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo Lab

Wells Fargo Lab is a platform with the Well Fargo public site that showcases the latest products and technologies. It was designed to be be modular; taking into account of quarterly changes in content and hierarchy of products featured.

Role on project: Interaction Designer | Visual Designer

Finaline Technologies - Virtual Close System

Final Technology was a startup that developed corporate finance tool. VCS was a web application that gave financial analysts an accurate real time views of corporate performance at any point in the quarter.

Role on project: Visual Designer | Interaction Designer

Sometimes, it is about a pretty picture...

Icons set the tone and creates a familiar language within a product. They are extensions of a brand. They are most effective when exercised with consistency, restraint and true to the meaning of it’s metaphor.





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